We value our gardening customers

"York Gardening has been gardening for us for 3 years and had to initially tackle our flower beds that were starting to become overgrown with some large shrubs and ivy. Diana quickly made an impact on our garden: weeding, tidying, pruning and introducing some lovely new plants. Diana is extremely conscientious in sticking to arrangements and always putting a great deal of energy into every task in all weathers. I have also really valued Diana's extensive knowledge in garden design, identifying shrubs and when to prune them, of best flowers to plant in some challenging soil/shade conditions and into pots for our terrace, and lots, lots more."
York Gardening offers maintenance services
Sue Fowler
South Bank, York
“York Gardening has replanted the back garden of my Victorian property off Haxby Road and is coming up with a scheme to stop the front terrace looking uncared for. I hate paving over everything, so Diana’s low-maintenance planting scheme is a great solution.”
York Gardening offers maintenance services
Chris Franklin
Haxby Road, York
“I don’t have time to tend the gardens of my rental properties. My student tenants take no interest in the garden and, given half a chance, would turn the space into a jungle. I want my properties to look well-cared for – York Gardening ensures the gardens look great year-round.”
York Gardening offers maintenance services
Anita Sharrow
"Knowledgeable, reliable and courteous, I can certainly recommend Diana’s gardening services to other homeowners in York.”
Robin Eyre

Are you a keen gardener, or a green gardener?

Gardening customers are truly a mixed variety! We like to forge a good working relationship with all of our gardening customers. First of all, tell us your own ideas for your garden space. We’ll listen, instead of merely jumping in with garden advice. 

Some of you are keen gardeners, and want York Gardening to share gardening knowledge for an established garden. Others have no interest in gardening at all, but need a presentable green space for their business.

Landlords book York Gardening for regular garden maintenance; retired home-owners call us in to help with a much-loved garden they can no longer manage. Older ladies use our gardening services because they prefer to employ a female gardener. Whatever sort of gardener you are, York Gardening is here to help.