Stay Safe Gardening

Get planting with York GardeningIs the joy of the garden our only certainty in these shocking times? It does seem so.

With international traffic light travel systems ever changing, will we ever get away with ease? Thank goodness our gardens are still a constant salvation.

Yes, the York Gardening team is working hard (whilst social distancing) to tend the gardens of our lovely clients. Pruning, planting, mowing and garden maintenance can all be done without close contact. 

In this we’re very fortunate, compared to other York businesses who have been hit hard by the pandemic. As York Gardening has a lot of elderly customers, we’re also a familiar face for many isolated older people around York. In these times, we all have to be more community-minded and look out for each other.

Diana is still able to work on your outside spaces with one or two of our gardeners, from a safe distance. Opt for a one-off garden tidy-up, or book ahead for regular garden maintenance. 

Use RHS-trained gardeners for expert advice

York Gardening is owned by RHS-trained gardener and horticulturist, Diana Evans. Our gardening services are offered within the City of York and surrounding villages. Diana, who studied Horticulture at Askham Bryan College York, brings year-round help in the garden to local home-owners, landlords and property developers and has done so for over 10 years. Regular customers tell us that using a qualified gardener is more cost-effective than employing a handyman gardener (who can mow the lawn and hack down branches) but who sadly doesn’t know much about the plants themselves.

Happily, your garden is in safe hands with our plant-loving experts.

You’ll benefit from real horticultural know-how with York Gardening. Together we can review your garden layout, your soil conditions, plan seasonal planting schemes and discuss which plants, shrubs and trees best suit the exposure of your garden plot.