Tenants trash York house…

Are you too busy to look after your tenants’ gardens? York Gardening can help. We already offer garden maintenance to Landlords with houses in York let to students and let to working tenants. Are your student rentals in the YO31 or YO10 postcode? We’re right on hand.

York Landlords do you need a gardener?Most tenancy agreements contain a clause that the tenant will look after your garden. Sadly, this rarely happens. Your tenants from York St John’s University or York University are unlikely to ask where the lawnmower is, or when to prune back the shrubs. In fact, here’s the mess one household left us last summer. They’d seemed such nice girls too.

We have a common-sense approach to garden maintenance for York’s many landlords. (Some of whom live miles away.) We keep the front gardens of York’s rental properties low maintenance, and the back gardens clear and fuss-free.

“York Gardening has replanted the back garden of my Victorian property off Haxby Road. They took down a rickety old out-house, to create a covered-over seating area and thinned out the old border that runs the length of the property. It’s a more attractive place for my tenants and I don’t have to worry about the greenery taking over everything.

York gardening is now coming up with a scheme to stop the front fore-court looking uncared for. I hate paving over everything, so Diana’s low-maintenance planting scheme is a great solution.” Christina Franklin, Haxby Road, York.

Keep the garden simple at student houses

We’re not big fans of paving-over garden spaces – the rainwater has to drain somewhere. Low-maintenance planting is easy to achieve. Often the dustbins take up some of the front garden space in York’s fore-courted terraced houses, but your student house doesn’t have to look like a rubbish dump outside. It’s possible to keep a neat boarder, inter-filled with gravel or bark chips, alongside the wheelie bins. As for the back garden, most tenants want somewhere to hang out the washing and sit out when the summer comes.

Gardening for York Landlords

I don’t have time to tend the gardens of my rental properties in York as I  work full time. I find that tenants, especially students, don’t take any interest in the garden and, given half a chance, would turn the space into a jungle. I want my rental properties in York to look well-cared for – York Gardening ensures the gardens look great year-round.”

Anita Sharrow, Leeds